"Financial Literacy Week 2021"      "Annual Report 2019-20"      To avoid fraud, Don’t share your ATM card number / PIN / account number / OTP to anyone. The bank or any of our correspondents will not ask you about this.      फसवणूक टाळण्याकरिता आपला ए.टी.एम. कार्ड नंबर/ पिन / खाते क्रमांक / OTP कोणालाही सांगू नका. बँक अथवा आमचे कोणतेही प्रतींनिधी आपणास याबाबत विचारणा करत नाही.
Welcome to The Washim Urban Co-operative Bank !
Late Shri Ramkrishna Rathi the legendary and a great statesman founded the cooperative society in 1972, with main objective of providing credit assistance to needy people of small means-economically backward, uplift their living standard and quality of life by bringing people into the banking system with commitment of financial inclusion. The legendary to broaden the canvass of social wellbeing converted cooperative society into Washim bank. THE WASHIM URBAN COOPERATIVE BANK LTD, got the RBI license in 1979.

Shri Subhash Rathi, a visionary Chairman leading the Bank with brilliant academic career, has studied BE Hons from BITS Pilanians and MS Ind. Engg from Chicago USA. He has extensive & rich experience and has diversified business into several important segments covering the whole gamut of entrepreneurship, also in the Cooperative field.

  • Bank has Launched new term loan scheme for Ware House / Godown Construction loan (DhanyaSuraksha Loan).
  • Akot Motor Stand Akola branch is totally merged into Old Cloth Market Akola Branch.
  • Opening of AMS branch will be done at the auspicious hands of Hon. Palakmantri Dr.Ranjeet Patil.